miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

You can see them all time! Sky Ferreira

These are make me crazy
I die with this kind of photos

Cover girl
Some day. I will be on this shit. I believe on me

A boy how wear black, the tall one :) Wish I be there now

Uju rumours!! are the best XD especially when you see fat girls...

Again that black guy :O so gorgeous so I love buy magazines! I love reading and reading all days

Omg you're not wear that

Welcome Sky ferreira

Yeah this Jeremy Scott

But what about those Chanel?

Not way this is not Versace this is a dream shoes
( Imgenes from ELLE.COM)
Watch this video about her. So if you wanna hear her songs you can do it :) she's awesome

3 comentarios:

Beckerman Girls dijo...

LOVE sky!!! she is super cool with rad style!! And has the BESSSSSSSST hair hands DOWN!!! LOVE u hottie!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


charlotte clothier dijo...

love love the first photos! so witchy! xxx

Violetta E. dijo...

i love it all :)

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