lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Wacth the amazing Philippines label? this is to die PROUDRACE

There is nothing better that see who people love fashion and who try always make some new to show for a people that always need to see diferent options to wear. This label is a bigger example for this. They are come from Manila Philippines and you know what? I totally love asian couture the thinking more that normal line. Can you see on the firts picture. What is that complement about one Dr martens boots whit them desings.I'm totally love the man outfit, that bigger black cardigan, So and the girl whit those shorts and of course those boots make all to be work it perfect.

In this photos all pices on black are to appropriate to look like this so perfect!! the girl jacket is one those things that look women like boys and I like this kind of androgens looks

What they thinking about this? Sometimes I can't see this looks, I feel like in a dream, The long and bigger shirt for a man whitout Sleeves, but see it the sleeves are part of the belt here is no amazing? The girl the girl outfit.. more that perfect really. this kind of dress, the color grey and black always the both looks perfect just see it you'll be love it, I love long dress like to ankles! I think that the texture is so appropriateTransparencies for boys and girls who wants to show them bodys and looks sexys but always whit this dark pices. I need to say that I'll be useing the man one. I love sexuality looks. So I love those pants too for a boys. the girl transparencies, just see that bra I love black bras and those kind of panties amazing on black!!
I need to admit that this shirt is one of my favorites. I love the idea to make a shirt whit "designers" names. I want one now. the long skirt again for a girls that's so 90's but so classy really.

Red ones I never could forget this important color. I need to say that is no my favorite but when I saw this thinks all red is for die I love it totally, just see the girl outfit the texture and this leather make looks perfect and the black heels whit the Dr martens boots really complement everything.

This skeletor dress is for die. The long part of the back is so perfect I thinks this is the one, that make girls look so femininesThe vest whit this neck is amazing part, and the normal long tee whit this kind of red leggins.
Photos by: Everywhere We Shoot
Models: Geehyeon Han Marita Ganse
I think that this label having a good future in the fashion industry, they have everything to make it work more and more perfect! the link of this label PROUDRACE here you can see more about them and see the others collections.
I hope you'll like it.

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

When class are more that bored!

there is a class that I never can't to pay attention that make me boredzzzzzzzzzzz

I need a break now I so tired to go cogalle everyday, to see every pathetic persons!
stupid questions in classes, people that need to eat all time, sick to smell food!
Too tired to wacth the competition about collage who does the "best clothes" the best "haircut" fuck you hiles and "groups"
The normal persons that now wanna "wear black clothes", The sockers that all days pay attention who I wear and try to "copy me" I NEED VACATIONS now
I need my dead note really.
I wanna invited to see the fantastic videos about two idols of me
Here the best imagenes about this video for me.

My hero I wanna share whit you my best videos about M.M

this totally a descontrol songs I love it I need to hear a lot of times at day He's beyond description

Videos 1: The Fight Song

Video 2: The Beautiful People I hope you liked I can't life whitout these kind of things

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

The reasons that makes me Live too happy and so free

So this is so importan for me to make a post for a things that make me live in peace and make me try one and one time to do the better ALWAYS "I'll be try everthing".

Star whit MOVIES

1: MOVIE: The Craf

Did you rember these girls? They are my black angels!! I feel always the same here on my contry and my "bus"when I going at my collage, tired whit the best think to kill some persons. (like dead note japanose)

The clothes, the adventures, the rituals... Just let me think that I can do it everything. When I saw this movie 8978 times always I'm so happy to see them, they are so evilllll. But just to try living whit their wishes. Yes I have a lot of wishes I'll be try to make some come true. I love the 4 but? there is one that is unreal. there is a person that thinks whit the mind whit the inside person! whit that passion to make the thinks. for me she's my girl my collage dream.

SHE IS FairuzaBalki Is stupid to write about her, if you see the movie you understand this a lot!

I' m going to say this. black lipsick+ Bigger eyes+Black outfits always+ and always wants to kill+ that's me thats her thats my collage dream girl.

2: MOVIE Mona lisa smille

This movie for my is kind "romance movie" you know why?
'cause there are two persons that had my same dreams.

But she? she's the persons that I'll be talking about it. You have no idea who I feel Identified whit her. She's more that a women, she always dream whit everything. She thinks always about her dream "her boy"

They teach me that whit fight you can!! find your things. I'm so "young" to stay whit someone in love for ever! I'm so scared to take this way yet. You know always you meet somebody that make you shake it. "you say that you find the real love" but isn't true! For me I'll be to be whit an boys bla bla but now? I know that I'll be finished whit months. This is the only reason for that I'll be "adult".

3: MOVIE: Clueless

This strory is all about shit happens! But I'm had much fun when I saw britany M. But I'm in love whit the "gay one" I so me that is so funny. each one have some thinks that teach me!

brittany murphy again and drew barrymore! I love them, She was so dirty. This story is all about NO WANT TO MAKE THIS BUT I NEED TO DO 'CAUSE IF I'M NOT DO I'LL BE DEAD.


Well if you some day asking about why i'm drees like that is 'cause they are many people that I feel like inspiration to drees!! I wanna show you the 3 style icons for eva! I told you that I just feeling in love whit my KATE.L she's my love, she's the one, she's the girl that can drees all black and play whit her acctitud " you know is no all about label clothes like ZARA H&M.. I'm not agree whit these king of persons that all days wants to go shopping at ZARA or whatever store aand buy all the new but the acctitud? the feeling,AND NOT DESINGER CLOTHES too is cool to pay 87676 $price and be sad? be normal whit a LV bag? is just a example but this is see all days " for my is't all about actitued I think that fashion is that. So and they have totally actitud and experiencie to inspiration me all days and I'll be wake up whit that on my mind and make it all work.

This is random but. the 3 make me happy! MK, Sonny and of course my KATE. I need to leard more, I don't think but there are alot people that have a dream to dress like whateever person but just try to be who you want to be! Sorry to write a lot and don't show you more photos but these are like importan inspirations for me!
to finish I past you two links whit my fav bands If you like it see it all days I need to hear 6565 times to be quiet! take fun

this is the second

(changes are comming soon! and the news today is a store from USA send me a emil. So they want to send me their products in this case are t-shirts and talk about it! is amazing and i'll be waiting to see what whappens whit this store)

photos by blogs and olsensanonymous the

sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

this is new this is Paradigm Shift

this silhouette is totally that I call a dream pice!!the all gray is a perfect desing and make you thinking that you can play whit your clothes and Why not drees just one color.

What is fashion whitout a perfect mixtures? This is great. This is the most part about black and grey style I love the pants and Of course the long grey shirt.

More grey? Yes it's these designers Love play whit the clothes and for me they played perfect. I think that 'll be buy all about this look!! You know.

The best for the finally! I dead when I saw this freak shirt. Is a so confort that make me happy to see this clothes. The idea that make a short frontal and long back is totally great, amazing job!!

I make this post 'cause this collection is from one friend Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes

If you wanna see more and see what's gonna new about Paradigm Shift

see the web site and Enjoy it!!

(photos are from Paradigm Shift)

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010


+Stripe sweater+
+Bigger scraf+
+Vintage leater jacket+
+Levi's black jeans+
+Dr Martens boots+

This week.

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Haider + Junya+ V&R spring 2011 Paris Fashion Week!

Love that bigger drees I hope that a billon magazines show this soon. I wanna see it. The color combination is so appropriate to this collection. Like those shoes whit that stripes amazing. These looks was the best that I liked. there are more and more more colors but I just take this to show that I like it.

Amazing clothes but amazing mix, love the long long skirts, all the textures are astounding.
I think the leather is so perfect for this . so what do you thinking about this haircuts? amazing I'm in love when I saw wet haris and those look so great, this is that I call free textures free combinations.

My wigs. My junya there are nothing to think about this. the stripes rules. the clasic men shoes make a womes perfects. BUT the color wing are fantastic, the old black hats complement everthing. (I love no faces I love Junya) ALL PHOTOS VIA STYLE.COM if you wanna see more new collections about it see it
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