jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Eat the world

She's ... Eat Eat. now Im eat as a COW
Those whores are unreal (L) love them so much. Look at nicolle as a fat whore

Little rats Hantaro

So Im have to say. I love this movie ( Pretty in pink) but this Character the guy one ( Duckie)

Love love him so much

Ugly bigger clothes+ stupid face :D ( I need a blazer like that)

Yeah bby

A place to remember

Missing you singapore

My baggage on amsterdam

another littles inspirations

This girl needs to be dead 3 bag? is her real? im don't think so ( and fucking celine bags fuck of)

(Mk photos from olsenanonymous)

Those pants and shoes my god!!!!

Im gonna fuck this wallet ( im wanna that one. to be honest im want all about celine )

Another thing that im want. are those Prada black shoes. Isn't are the best?

this is a video but is just the song my favorite song at this time. so Im can't stop dance every single time as I can. My LATINO'S DNA makes me crazy about this song ( proud about it)

If I had a cell phone that will be my ringtone :D definitely

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Tell me when and where

Days are cold and fucking bored
Ugly wearing. 5 months Im been tired to wear and look "good" so now Im not pay attention about clothes. Im wearing the first things that my eyes see, to be honest. 3 or 4 sweaters as the same time 2 shirts :) sometime like that.

parking photos

back to you

Even not how is the name!!

Im wearing

+Vintage jacket+

+Topman shirt+

+Indigo pants+

+Dr martens+

Jil . the best

This the only thing about fashion that i'll be post today. I saw the fashion shows via fashionisto.com so boring all mens shoes are the same like prada 2011. I see the Jil photos im so happy. All these i'll be wear now. Bigger high pants. ugly leather jacket+ latex bag any else?

Love the necks. im want all about it

( imagenes via fashionisto)

jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

New bag and magazines

I'm can't be without them. my favorite now is I-D magazine has great articles and photos also. a little goth. to be honest don't like that now is boring.

Some of my favorites
My new Alexander wang bag. die and die

Bags ans bags obsessed with shoes and bags

this time is shopping time. Im bought my hermes belt so im waiting for him. I hope get money now to buy those alexander wang shoes for NOW. but need to wait I have no money now.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Hantaro in center place

Turbans :)
cut my hair again there ( now im cut again so skinhead just becaouse im tired about my hair, for me i'll be have my hair skinhead always)

Dancing zundada

Let the sun burn my face

Yes im missing you now. she's my cousin. my sister there, how gonna miss you (she's wore a CK dress to die, to be honest)

Me and my aigner new bag. we found a abandoned factory on singapore, so? lest take photos

yeah men dirty dirty

Actually just bought this for my hadbag at airports, as always things makes me tired, i'm tired about mens wear bags, skinny jeans for mens and girls, crosses + future music videos. sick me

where are budgets music videos?

+Vintage shirt+

+ DIY shorts+

+ Aigner bag+

+Dr martens boots+

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

We almost get it



Rat year it's it's. Im a rat

Watch me fall

Love the orange thigs here so amazing

Jump whore

Was so scarred about this dragon omg you can see them on the lake no good i'm don't like animals.

Let it go

I'm wearing

+Topmen sweater+

+Topmen shorts+

I'm back to my ugly city again. but happy about my all trips. had a very good time, good friends there.I know will be there soon totally love singapore the best. but i'm still on vacations too good. again be at home everytime don't wanna go out here jeje makes me boring.

btw these are the things that i'm gonna put on my next shopping list :)

1 Alexander wang shoes
2 Hermes belt
3 Celine bag
4 Cristian louboutin
5 Alexander wang bag (actually im bought this now)
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