jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

My carousel

Where is my pony :(
I'm love high high buildings , this is the only one here in my country..

we can we can

Don't pose!
FACES omg I'm have fetish with ugly little faces! as these, I'm found these in the way ( this place is on top of this city near to my cogelle) you can see a big par of the city
feticos :)

When chanel is on the trees

Evil Signals

+ topman cardigan+
+White shirt+
+Levi`s jeans+
+Uo shoes+
+The smiths handbag from usa+
Hello peopel I'm happy again for my blog! today I'm finish my first notes at cogelle! I'm so happy the scores was so good ( average) but I'm don't care. Bad news I'm lost my ipod again :( this is the 5 I think fuck of. I'm looking for a bigger black pants :) I'm wanna rigth now and a new pair of boots!

4 comentarios:


there is no high building here!


Beckerman Girls dijo...

That carousal is AMZZZZZIn'!!! You look soooo hottt in that jacket! Love your photos..looks like you had a grrreat day! Sorry about your iPod!!! HApppppY FRIDAY!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Violetta E. dijo...

oh my dear!
u`re so lovely :)

SML dijo...

my ipod just stopped working and i'm heartbroken over it, so i feel your pain! and i absolutely love this outfit, so classy.

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