jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Run for the corner!!!!!!!!!!

My notebook :)

at class My cogelle has a new bulding, it's so long so bigger so amazing :)

waiting to classes

Sorry but I'm a hater boy :( I can't be good and relax in this country. My college is full of ...stupid people as teenagers. Now the best thing to wear here are boots jeje so funny to see everyone wear as same, i'ts so funny cuz as girls and boys. just wearing demin and kind of camel boots I don't know what it's that,but them thing that they are the best :) not your not the best fuckers. Now people just talking about "fashion" and be "stylist" or something like that. more that funny, what do you doing without zara? (L) So what I'm without you? if you make me laugh A LOT jeje
What surprise about Japan :( so bad I'm hope everything will be well soon. I've past a week on tokyo :) and die for radiation :P Now I'm looking for my trip clothes! so hard. I'm a pair of shorts!a bigger pants. I don't know what more jeje. singapore is so hot.
I'm wearing
+Black Scraf+
+Demin levi's jacket+
+H&M tee+
+Levi's jeans+
+UO shoes+
+UO bag+
What I wanna?
A fucking celine bag :( I die for this

A real alexander wang bag :)

this givenchy bag more that perfect

this birkin bag so heavy :O

These are the statistic from my blog, those countries watching me. I'm so glad about your my visitors! really thanks so much to support me

thanks Poland people, you always are the 1
Uk :)
UsA :)
and all f you thanks again I hope you never be boring about my blog and you can see a real life about this ugly fat boy.

( "colombia" jeje ya los imagino enfermit@s metance un dedito rico o sus botas super mega vintage jeje)

10 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Y esa libreta? Es genialisima! es una pasada! me encanta! O_O
Gracias por tu comentario :)

Belle Armed dijo...

that notebook is gorgeous. And your outfit is awesome, as always :)

Violetta E. dijo...

adorable outfit :)
and btw,i hate this country,i hate my city, i can`t live here anymore. but i can`t move...yet...
fuck it!
love u dear ;)

Amy T dijo...

i hope everything improves for you at your college...it doesnt sound very nice :(
but your outfit is looking cool as ever and those bags are so gorgeous i want them all!

TheDeerCharmer dijo...

Love the picture in front of the window:)


VildesVerden dijo...

Love the notebook!
Happy weekend wishes from Norway

Fabliha dijo...

very cool notebook

Ariana ✞ dijo...

ahhhm i would die for your legs<3

Beckerman Girls dijo...

Such a cool post!! We are representing CANADA over here!! WE LOVE U bro!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Jasper dijo...

you're so fuckin funny (:

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