jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

We almost get it



Rat year it's it's. Im a rat

Watch me fall

Love the orange thigs here so amazing

Jump whore

Was so scarred about this dragon omg you can see them on the lake no good i'm don't like animals.

Let it go

I'm wearing

+Topmen sweater+

+Topmen shorts+

I'm back to my ugly city again. but happy about my all trips. had a very good time, good friends there.I know will be there soon totally love singapore the best. but i'm still on vacations too good. again be at home everytime don't wanna go out here jeje makes me boring.

btw these are the things that i'm gonna put on my next shopping list :)

1 Alexander wang shoes
2 Hermes belt
3 Celine bag
4 Cristian louboutin
5 Alexander wang bag (actually im bought this now)

2 comentarios:

petit-oiseau dijo...

Love your shoes!

Tiaz dijo...

great post. Brilliant outfit. :)

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