miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

new things and ispirational style also videos mix mix

Im selected the best for on this web side so I hope you´ll like as Im do
LV bag gosh

No more celine- I hope soon could be get the black one omg
What about camel..
Wish wish right now
( All photos from Stockholmstreetstyle)
White, too hot. I´m looking for a pair of gray long bigger pants and camel also
The best sweat hair+bigger sweater+Camel bag+ any else? NOT

There are a new little things that im bought :D a Salvatore F fragrance
A new pair of shoes from japan store

What im have on my bag?
Yeah there is a one of the best, Dazed and confused is too cool, there are so much amazing articles. Soon im gonna take photos of them.( Except the cover disgusting but the rest is good)
There is the stupid buy I'm also bought a sweater is too gorgeous and so so so so so long Okye im gonna share these videos. Im always watch videos here you get the best of the week for me I hope you´ll like it

´High bigger pants ARE THE BEST yeah

Love it I have to say that Im felling a kid of love when Im saw falling up models OMG what amazing to me jeje so sorry. I think for that big reason Im always love high heels you know

Can you see the gosh KATE? love it. and those videos are the best I´m always enjoy ´em


2 comentarios:

Violetta E. dijo...

lovely post!
u`re sooo amazing!

klauduszka dijo...

love your style.
yesss.. the drums are good!

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