viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

The party never gone

As always my queen and I go out, this time another party
She invited one of her friends, he was so cool :). We went a bar on the top to singapore you can see all the view from that bar

Let the drinks start walking

What a perfect photo
The juan perritas

She never stop to amazed me, everyday

Welcome to emoland

Here you get the examples about perfect night

Also thingking about your shoes yeahhh

Lets start eating

He wearing CDG shoes :) Im love that brand really. Im looking for a sweater

Talking talking about it

cars races

The queen with her balenciaga bag next to her

Just really to dance like thailand w jeje :O

Dont smille jeje

Thanks so much my darling Im fucking love you so bad, you make me love singapore more than before. Believe me Im never had so much fun :O Im gonna missing you so much.

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Violetta E. dijo...

awesome photos, my dear!

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