jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Eat the world

She's ... Eat Eat. now Im eat as a COW
Those whores are unreal (L) love them so much. Look at nicolle as a fat whore

Little rats Hantaro

So Im have to say. I love this movie ( Pretty in pink) but this Character the guy one ( Duckie)

Love love him so much

Ugly bigger clothes+ stupid face :D ( I need a blazer like that)

Yeah bby

A place to remember

Missing you singapore

My baggage on amsterdam

another littles inspirations

This girl needs to be dead 3 bag? is her real? im don't think so ( and fucking celine bags fuck of)

(Mk photos from olsenanonymous)

Those pants and shoes my god!!!!

Im gonna fuck this wallet ( im wanna that one. to be honest im want all about celine )

Another thing that im want. are those Prada black shoes. Isn't are the best?

this is a video but is just the song my favorite song at this time. so Im can't stop dance every single time as I can. My LATINO'S DNA makes me crazy about this song ( proud about it)

If I had a cell phone that will be my ringtone :D definitely

4 comentarios:

Violetta E. dijo...

omg. i love Duckie too. he`s amazing :)
you look so lovely, i love you sooo much!


are you in amsterdam?!

love hambtaro, casie and pradas!

great post!


Katarzyna Zuzanna dijo...

nice xx


Nicolas Lor dijo...

Your blog is really thought and I think I'm going to become a reader from every posts !

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