domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

when youre!! a plant

Let me let me
Cross away


Taking funny photos with my cousin!

These kind of photos :-

Im have to say that singapore people wear so AWESOME but there is always people how wears like a dream, like this oldmen! too cute u.u I´m die

Cousin´s car

So if we talking about perfect dates, this is that Im calling PERFECT. Melissa and I, everyday had so much fun, this is one of these days that you felling so comfort with the friend that you LOVE

She´s was taked her polaroid camera, we taking so much cool photos XD

Singapore Nights

Oh lala Im can see Acne addiction (L) beyond all

I´m love watch my darling walking on those

Paparazzi photo attack

Your eyes

Here you get all polaroid photos :) insn't amazing photos? Love you my perfect darling so you know it! what Im thinking about it. Im super exited about your show ujuuuuuu :D

So by the way, Im bought a present for my momy (L) Im spend my money on this Moschino fragance, she deserves everything! love you mom

2 comentarios:

Nadine Flatt dijo...

the polaroid photos are lovely! liiike!!

Joel dijo...

Love your outfits!!
are you travelling around asia?! i'm jealous!

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