jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

telli me miu miu

pose pose, that day was totally awesome, so im super happy to be here, so much cool places to visist. Im love asian food here, everyday you can eat, thai food japan food, chinesse food Too much.

Im have to say. im super addicted to starbucks ice green tea

We were shopping yesterday. So im bough a comme des garcons stuff also magazine

Yes sr you are

Here you can find so much malls and stores too im be crazy here, we were on a library we saw a MMM book omg so bananas so beyond all words.

Im bought a magazine too. to die becaouse is a vouge paris here on singapore

Finally in get my Comme des garcons bag. so much cool so much amazing, the store is so freak. Im went there. so im die every single clothes are gorgeous. Im saw this bag and im loved this

Im love comme des garcons

So here you get some of these kind of stores here. enjoy it

At givenchy im saw a boy wearing a wedgeds omg so much cool to see boys wearing heels

shit and shit and shit and super shit

So im were to thailand about 2 days ago. that was a great trip also. soon im making a post with thailand photos.

Now im looking for a fashion schools here to can living here on a year, so lets see whats wappening here.

every day im die for my best girl on all world Melissa omg shes beyond love shes so cute with me im love her so much. We always have the best time here also with MMM boy thanks you so much guys.

see you later and thanks you so much to visit me.

5 comentarios:

Amy T dijo...

omg looks so amazing!!
love what your wearing too! it looks so exciting! hope to see more photos!

Kosmic Kate dijo...

Glad you like Singapore! :)
I sent you 2 emails but never heard from you so I don't know if it's the right email address??
Thought perhaps we could meet up since you're in Singapore.
Take care!


Kosmic Kate dijo...

Yes, that's the email address I emailed you.
Maybe it went to the spam folder?
Let me know when you're back in Singapore. My email is: kateiskosmic@gmail.com.

Have fun in Hongkong!


Nádia dijo...

loved tour outfit!

nice places!


Violetta E. dijo...

love u my dear :)

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