miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

a real inspirations

Those Italian sistas! Le kater! le all le mine le best yes you're my first inspiration on all world

The devil wears ME
some fuking day, yeah smille about those shoes XD


walk and walk with freezing weather I love walking as these girls
Can you give me those Christian L?
these people ARE UNREAL and SONNY (L)
winter stated
outside love the guy that wear red clothes (L)


Japan style!!!! beyond all

My favorite girls!
Body and nicolle !

(photos by: Jak&Jil . Thecobrasnake.com, Japanstreetstyle.com YeahdropTokyo.co)

Hi my sweat followers. I hope everything is okey, I'm was a heavy week fucking week. But I'm gonna take a vacations since this friday, cuz the next week here is kind as a "hollyweek" then classes are stop. I'm not could be more happy. My mom rent a home far away to my house. then we gonna go there. it's a far city a hot city but I'm don't care just relaxing time and sleep again as a FAT girl. SORRY but I'm love sleep. well well what a funny is watching people on my cogelle (L) they try to wear high pants now what a CUTE guys! So whatever I'm making some buttons for put on my clothes or bags I'm don't know just I'm looking for that. When I'm get it totally gonna show you as always.I hope you can see my inspiration and stufss that Im like and and love.


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Violetta E. dijo...

my love!
just amazing photos!!

Strawberry Freckleface dijo...

Love those ripped up shredded tights. I'm gonna have to make some. :-)
Nice blog!

I have a Free People give-away on my blog if you haven't already entered!
strawberry freckleface

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