miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Go out momy (maky kate obsession)

It's all about high pants :)I'm was go out with my lovely mother :) to say welcome!! Im missed her so MUCH My life (L) my love my girl my everything. she makes may days happys and make me so stronger everyday
say hi sebastian
I love my favorite photographer! is my mom (L), she's learned so fast how taking me photos.

Paparazzi extra photos. I'm LOVEEEEE KIND of these photos

The poor dog and my hil face

Cover girl
Don't say that

Faty faty
About this girl?
Rich+ celine bag+ starbucks+high pants+ 2bags+ humid HAIR+ anyelse?

Yeah it's not sam edelman just go fot those Balenciaga
I'm in love with this fucking photos
Not there is not words !! Beyond
Did you see my obssesion about starbucsk coffe cups, it's not just coffe it's a acessory!
also bags not just for personal things then put on your face
Chanel glasses+ fur+ Balenciaga boots+ Birkin bag+starbucks= Me jealous, any else? stupid life
It's make me remember Damir d, I'm the most wannabe person about this things :P LOVE IT, airport photos are the best
it's just smoke on tokyo airport
give me the second life!

(ALL photos via olsensanonymous.com)

3 comentarios:


love her (both)!!

and love your brecelet!


Violetta E. dijo...

my love!
your mom took so lovely photos :)

Charleston dijo...

i would wear that jewellery in the first shot in a heartbeat!


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