viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

When class are more that bored!

there is a class that I never can't to pay attention that make me boredzzzzzzzzzzz

I need a break now I so tired to go cogalle everyday, to see every pathetic persons!
stupid questions in classes, people that need to eat all time, sick to smell food!
Too tired to wacth the competition about collage who does the "best clothes" the best "haircut" fuck you hiles and "groups"
The normal persons that now wanna "wear black clothes", The sockers that all days pay attention who I wear and try to "copy me" I NEED VACATIONS now
I need my dead note really.
I wanna invited to see the fantastic videos about two idols of me
Here the best imagenes about this video for me.

My hero I wanna share whit you my best videos about M.M

this totally a descontrol songs I love it I need to hear a lot of times at day He's beyond description

Videos 1: The Fight Song

Video 2: The Beautiful People I hope you liked I can't life whitout these kind of things

3 comentarios:

Violetta E. dijo...

i love this post ^ ^
cool pics <3

Mila dijo...

hahaha I know the feeling.I always fall asleep during classes.
Great outfit though!

anchordeer dijo...

i love your rings!

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