sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Haider + Junya+ V&R spring 2011 Paris Fashion Week!

Love that bigger drees I hope that a billon magazines show this soon. I wanna see it. The color combination is so appropriate to this collection. Like those shoes whit that stripes amazing. These looks was the best that I liked. there are more and more more colors but I just take this to show that I like it.

Amazing clothes but amazing mix, love the long long skirts, all the textures are astounding.
I think the leather is so perfect for this . so what do you thinking about this haircuts? amazing I'm in love when I saw wet haris and those look so great, this is that I call free textures free combinations.

My wigs. My junya there are nothing to think about this. the stripes rules. the clasic men shoes make a womes perfects. BUT the color wing are fantastic, the old black hats complement everthing. (I love no faces I love Junya) ALL PHOTOS VIA STYLE.COM if you wanna see more new collections about it see it

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Violetta E. dijo...

Great :)

Beckerman Girls dijo...

HOTTNESS!!! Victor and Rolph..puts me over the edge...into the hottness zone! FIERCE! GRRR!
xoThe Beckerman Girls



I love it all, thanks for shearing.


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