sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

this is new this is Paradigm Shift

this silhouette is totally that I call a dream pice!!the all gray is a perfect desing and make you thinking that you can play whit your clothes and Why not drees just one color.

What is fashion whitout a perfect mixtures? This is great. This is the most part about black and grey style I love the pants and Of course the long grey shirt.

More grey? Yes it's these designers Love play whit the clothes and for me they played perfect. I think that 'll be buy all about this look!! You know.

The best for the finally! I dead when I saw this freak shirt. Is a so confort that make me happy to see this clothes. The idea that make a short frontal and long back is totally great, amazing job!!

I make this post 'cause this collection is from one friend Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes

If you wanna see more and see what's gonna new about Paradigm Shift

see the web site and Enjoy it!!

(photos are from Paradigm Shift)

3 comentarios:

Violetta E. dijo...

absolutely amazing :)

M dijo...

wow, amazing pieces!
thank you so much for sharing this, I'm totally inspired.

martienn dijo...

great pictures :**

if U want, follow me :D
new photo will be sunday :**

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