lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Wacth the amazing Philippines label? this is to die PROUDRACE

There is nothing better that see who people love fashion and who try always make some new to show for a people that always need to see diferent options to wear. This label is a bigger example for this. They are come from Manila Philippines and you know what? I totally love asian couture the thinking more that normal line. Can you see on the firts picture. What is that complement about one Dr martens boots whit them desings.I'm totally love the man outfit, that bigger black cardigan, So and the girl whit those shorts and of course those boots make all to be work it perfect.

In this photos all pices on black are to appropriate to look like this so perfect!! the girl jacket is one those things that look women like boys and I like this kind of androgens looks

What they thinking about this? Sometimes I can't see this looks, I feel like in a dream, The long and bigger shirt for a man whitout Sleeves, but see it the sleeves are part of the belt here is no amazing? The girl the girl outfit.. more that perfect really. this kind of dress, the color grey and black always the both looks perfect just see it you'll be love it, I love long dress like to ankles! I think that the texture is so appropriateTransparencies for boys and girls who wants to show them bodys and looks sexys but always whit this dark pices. I need to say that I'll be useing the man one. I love sexuality looks. So I love those pants too for a boys. the girl transparencies, just see that bra I love black bras and those kind of panties amazing on black!!
I need to admit that this shirt is one of my favorites. I love the idea to make a shirt whit "designers" names. I want one now. the long skirt again for a girls that's so 90's but so classy really.

Red ones I never could forget this important color. I need to say that is no my favorite but when I saw this thinks all red is for die I love it totally, just see the girl outfit the texture and this leather make looks perfect and the black heels whit the Dr martens boots really complement everything.

This skeletor dress is for die. The long part of the back is so perfect I thinks this is the one, that make girls look so femininesThe vest whit this neck is amazing part, and the normal long tee whit this kind of red leggins.
Photos by: Everywhere We Shoot
Models: Geehyeon Han Marita Ganse
I think that this label having a good future in the fashion industry, they have everything to make it work more and more perfect! the link of this label PROUDRACE here you can see more about them and see the others collections.
I hope you'll like it.

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KC dijo...

i'm a filipino and i know this label. but i've never purchases anything from it. many people say their clothes are great and seeing the pictures, i think they are. hmm.. i am curious. it's nice to know that something from my country is making ripples out there. makes us proud. :D

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