domingo, 14 de abril de 2013

New In

Celine Bag

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Ahh, I squeal like a school girl everytime I see a Celine bag!

Great blog, btw, wanna follow each other?


Issa Tchieu dijo...

DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!!! ooooooo....let me think again.....3? 4? ..i lost count of how many celines you have lol. jejejje.
Nice skin to the bag. And black is classic. :) U must be so thrilled with this. Phoebe jus knws what we need everyday. isnt it? i just received the new collection lookbook from Celine too. thinking which one to get...did u see those furry bedroom slippers... yay or nay? :P

Hope ur day's been well diva.
Love, hugs, kisses!

livlovelaugh dijo...

Looooooove celine~


Julia Mickiewicz dijo...

awesome bags! Lovee celine!
come and visit me, if u like follow on GFC or facebook :) kisses from Poland!

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