domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Street style fashion week

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klemen dijo...

Love the pics. =)

Issa Tchieu dijo...

Everyone is in their beanies these days. Agree with you. Don't you just want the latest picnic bag from jill sander or celine. I m aiming for it hehe. Miss you so much. haven't been able to talk to u. Works been busy. I know it happens...will try to stay positive.kicking my boss's ass isnt gonna be enough! Lol. At least send him to safari to feed the jungle. Hahaha.

Anyways thanks for ur comrforting words n making me laugh. hope youre doing fine there. Its spring there yet? Or still winter? Off to work now.

Appreciate you writing me it means alot. glad you liked it. :) wish I'm in fashion week ALL THE TIME. And so do you. I'm sure. Yea will post acne soon.


can’t stop browsing through fashionweek „peacocks“

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Paola Lauretano dijo...

Great inspiration!!!Do you like to follow each other???
Let me know....

anastasia dijo...

Hello, pretty! your blog is soooo cute!
maybe follow each other?
just let me know!

Issa Tchieu dijo...

Thanks so much dearest. I always rem you as The person who encourages me in my ups and down. N also The one who inspired me to create a blog with ur help. And im proud to say that. Proud to hv a friend like u.

I definitely agree with u yest goes well with white n red sneaks. U have the eye for Fashion n the soul of creation. Only u share that same idea of trends.

Was trying out diff poses n if u say the last photo nice means its nice! Im so happy. N yea i am happy with My life n also marriage. It all worked out fine. :)

Hows everyone at Home? Hope alls well for all. Say hi to mama. Have a good well ahead whatever you r doing.
Hugs n kisses My bff. <3

Issa Tchieu dijo...

A LO HA my diva. I really do miss you from the bottomest of my heart.
How's things for u?

Let me know how ure doing. or if u need anything :)
Just holler me.

Wonder what uve been up to. A concern friend here from singapore.

Just came to say hi and check out how ure doing.
Plenty hugs!!

Sandra Martinez dijo...

Hi dear!! I've just discovered your blog and its so amazing :)
Beautiful pictures and its indeed an amazing post!!
Come to my blog too;

Ira Kharchenko dijo...

So inspiring! I love Ulyana's looks:)

Fabliha dijo...

Amazing shots! I love the flared pants in the last picture xx


livlovelaugh dijo...

yay for fashion people~


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