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Kenzo Sweater

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Issa Tchieu dijo...

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!! KENZO!@!!!!!!!! I bought myself a kenzo cap too if you look at my instagram heheheh. SO COOL DEAR!!!!!

YES its my birthday today!! thanks for your super long wishes and note. I always enjoy reading yours the most jeje. PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS WITH ME...i love your street pictures. still rem those you took in Singapore. Lets cam whore all night long.

Who cares about hot weather? And yes, i read you. Coats even under the hot sun...LOL.

I am goin to come to MIAMI!!!!! To see you my love!!!!! Instead of Kourtney & Kim Takes Miami! its JUAN & ISSA TAKES MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO... Cant wait for this holiday i m so serioousss. Im jus waiting for the day to come soon.

Please make this trip THE BEST TRIP FOR US.

I know which LV you were talkin in Central...heheh
I was at MMM shop but cudnt find anything to buy. SO SAD :( Most things were sold out.

Please wear those kenzo soon hehhehee.
And I hate birthdays too cos i feel OLD like you said. lol dun wan to be reminded. I am 18. and so are you. jeje.

Gail J dijo...

I love Kenzo so much!!!

Issa Tchieu dijo...

I know ure here becos of me. really appreciate this dear. Havent seen u online. Or have i not on my msn. strange. Anyways, yea im serious abt seeing u there. And lets forget abt kardashians lol. they are fake, unreal. know u must be so excited n counting down to ur 20 days. Have a safe trip and please drop me a mail too. :) loveeee much

Ira Kharchenko dijo...

I love the post:) Have a wonderful weekend!

Win a pair of sunglasses:

Issa Tchieu dijo...

ure so right about white walls and buildings..jeje! we really think alike even the background!!
8 days very close!!! counting down yea. So happy for u. Miami lifestyle ahead of u. All the best dear and have a safe flight!

Fabliha dijo...

So jealous!!! that Kenzo sweater is perfection!! x


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