domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

our dreams are come true (vacations)

Today my boy, lenerd visit my at home, he was helping me finish my bag and organize all about my trip, we were watching a new magazines

yes and yes all time with you feel like living in the skys
I love you I like you

I'm made this for my boy. I'm made a make over on these heels

S0 good bye my readers. I'm always love you so so so much. Today Im flying to Panama and later Amsterdam. and 1 day later I'm gonna go to Singapore. My singapore friends I'm MORE than happy to see you and, visit this amazing country. I'm have ready my camera and all my clothes. see you soon and when I'm can post a photos I'm do. LOVE YOU

This video is for you my love. Only you gonna understand. All my love and all my feelings for you. I'm really crazy about this bigger love. I'm completed with you. love you and I'm gonna miss YOU, all days, every single time. when you're reading this I'm at ariplane thinking about you, and close my eyes to see you on my mind. thanks my nerd to be with me and bring me your life

solo te amo y te AMARE por siempre te amo

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Beckerman Girls dijo...

HAVE THE BEEEEEEEEEEST trip sexy!!! Enjoy it ALLLLLLLLLLL!!! Can't wait to see your adventures and your kick ass finds there!!! MWAHHHHHH
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Kosmic Kate dijo...

OMG you're coming to see Singapore? :)

Phillipe LeNerd † dijo...

just came home from the airport
and I'm seriously crying!
but HAPPY.

You're everything to me.
and all we've been trough is just a piece of what's next to come.

Thank you for this.
for this week before you go-
for all the laughter, talks, words,kisses, love.

Thanks you for giving me the opportunity to live and be with you again.

Thank you for the help with the shoes, for my new nude tank, my new buttons, your shirt, and Stitch

Thank you for exist and thank God you're perfect for me.

Thank you for everything.

I just LOVE you
and already miss u.

Amanda Chung dijo...

take care:) and have fun...
waiting your photo:)
miss you

TRIGG dijo...


Violetta E. dijo...

my love!
u`re really soooo beautiful!

Miriam dijo...

i love you two, great photos! xo

Jasper dijo...

You're in Amsterdam? Why didn't you tell me that! :(

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