martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Classes are over :D uju

'm not could be more happy. I'm get vacations today, super exited, cuz I'm never see more these persons more, ( but back to cogelle again ) I'm gonna take the next nivel, taking classes at nights, I'll be more conform with "old" persons :D.

Plesase met them, the super college persons, ( this is on a BORED class)

Yes I'm this kind of guy, that everyone hates :) Sorry, I'm can't change. Yes I'm the guy always on the corner, that Always Laugh about everything, especially Fat girls or stupid "nerds" or whatever. I'm the kind of this :D

It's not reading, it's I'm bored

I'm so happy cuz My uncle gave me to me a Asian eraser

It's SO cute :D

Cut my face

Ugly City

Well this friday, I'm have a presentation of my last working (the magazine) I'm so happy, finally I'm get my own magazine all bymyself. I'm try taking photos of my magazine and show to you.

And more exited about my Asian trip, I'm can't wait

3 comentarios:

Violetta E. dijo...

love u so

Phillipe LeNerd † dijo...

my love in his boredom class and college
looking perfect with his new eraser!

! always surrounded by ugly/stupid people..but it's almost over!

I love you like they love to study and be fat!

ajjaa you're my perfect little angel.!

Der Schöne & Das Biest dijo...

love ur blog and the pictures :)
just awesome :)
greetings martin&vanessa

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