viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Going to another perfect way

Me and my stupid faces :o, I'm so sorry. Today was very AWESOME as always, happy day+My boy+Laughs+dirty clothes+ love= perfect

I'm super happy to wearing bigger jeans, as you knew I'm was tired about skinny jeans. My legs die everyday with skinny jeans. Hurts hurts

Taking a breaking with my boy :), we were talking about his fashion proyects, he's show me his last (pre stuffs)

My Nerd, How I love you so much, ( Now my bby is using a Nude fabrics) This is our 2 favorite color yet

Los bebesssssss!!! Te amo tanto!

Get it bby, I'm looking fat but whatever :P

I'm wearing + Black scraf+

+Levi's jeans+


+Parka jacket+

Now my sweety readers I'm just at vacations. Sleeping as a Whore :D thinking about my bby and thinking about leave this ugly country for a mounth, more than happy. I'll be breathing and be super happy on the gorgeous singapore and asian citys. I'm Promised I'll be taking all photos about my outfits, this is gonna be summer then I'm be die about hot weather but how cares?I'm hope get much stuffs and buying some clothes for mine nerd

7 comentarios:

Leanne dijo...

love it boy
love u both

Violetta E. dijo...

Fantastic :)

Phillipe LeNerd † dijo...

oh my love, best day indeed.
but we always say that
but it's the true!
each day is best than the other
+ we'retired of thoseskintight jeans and be comfy fr a change it's better!
ahha you look like the -aunt-

so...thumbs up my sexy.

perfect dirty and mine.!


You and Phillipe have the BEST haircuts. I want mine to be that short haha <3

Jakub Mańkowski dijo...

i love your rings!

Carolina dijo...

me encanto tu nautical look, muy oscuro pero lleno de vida y amor a la misma vez! :) what city do you live in? and que emocion que te vas de vacation a singapore!hope you can check out my blog or some +vibes and inspiration!

Amy T dijo...

love the jeans!

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