miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Runway report

kamakino + dr martins it's a real perfect combination, can u see the coat? it's amazing the color the long is perfet to wear, and i love the headstuff i'll be die if i get it. dr martins are my perfect shoes i wear a lot times

oh my layer is the same that my lover love (L) u know my nerd you love layers and this layer is gorgeous and the leather acessories make me crazy. the cap of the another is amazing i'm always in love whit the bend pants u know nerd.

the shirt the leather coat and the pants again make me goes die.
kamakino is perfect to wear everydays, the make up and the hair are perfect together.
(via fashionisto)

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MAD TIGHT dijo...

Sure id be interested :)

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