lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

the new # 20 by metal magazine

this magazine is about fashion people that love the fashion rituals, It's a good magazine, i can find some exelent interviews, in this case is aboutwith Jónsi, Tiffany Godoy, Dries Van Noten, Patrik Ervell, Su Blackwell or Marcela Guitiérrez who is working on an exhibition inspired by METAL. The openning will be June 4th at Corretger5 in Barcelona it's good no? i'm so exited to see the magazine i saw that San Sierra is in the cover, I have to see that this magazine is a help to fashion people that wanna see what happen in the fashion world. In my collage i participe on some shows about publicity and i have to say that i'm graceful for the great reports. i hope to see more perfect numbers i'll be say visit Metal magazine web site and buy it u have no idea how's

Another covers by metal magazine

I love for u bby #15. Alice Delall, by Quentin de Briey

Ash Stymest


I need to say that I love all covers and I love read and see this magazine. Let's do it get one


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