lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

My Christmas LATE presents FINALLY!!!

The little Hermes :)



Noooooooooooooo way!!

I can die a million times and I will still in love with my Celine Bag lol

Thanks you Mom you always :) make me love you. I die for all my presents.

(Today I'm starting classes and right now I want vacations)

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me encanta la sudadera! la queremos!

la compraste online?! love love!


Severine Arend dijo...

You lucky boy you !! HAND OVER THE PURSE and no one will get hurt. xo

LeNerd dijo...

:) felicidades al modelito parismilannyfashionweek. Tamo

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

BONJOUR sweetie!!! O M F G all that u ever dream of are here baby!!!! My jaw dropped to the floor too. Jajaj! I'm so jealous!!! U r ready for fashion weeknight baby!!!!! Woohooo!!! Enjoy them all!! Ur mum is one and only one in bogota. Where did she come frm? Venus? Or mars? She loves u deeply. Now I knw wat u mean by u'll do a phptoshoot for lookbook soon!! Jejeje Way to go!!

Paris is cold. Work's tiring tho ;)) will be going day after tmr. Will update you when I'm bck. Love u and miss u Juan. Love that photo u took with philipe. I totally need it.

<3 Melissa ur bestie

Beckerman Girls dijo...

HOLY AMAAZZZZZEBALLS!!! Your Momma has the BEST TASTE EVERRRRRRR!!! And she is the BEST! Looksl ike that Celine bag is the slickest bag ever!!! And that cuff is like the cuffs of the's like the mothershipcuff!!! And that Givenchy dog sweater is GRRRRRRRRRReat!!! Woofin' hottttt!!! Love you babe! U look soooo fabulous and rockin!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

BETABOOMblog dijo...

NOSE como explicarte q te odio! en este momento!! pero obvio q te lo mereces!!

qiero las fotos!!!

y divino tu blog como siempre!


Melissa Tchieu dijo...

FREAKING LONGEST COMMENT FROM YOU and one and only one I ever got on my blog!!..PEOPLE, Listen up!! Juan's my best friend on this very earth. NO ONE CAN TAKE THIS TITLE AWAY FROM ME!!! Its always such a great pleasure talking to you on blog and sharing with each other about our daily lives.

Ure a gift from God. I feel so blessed having you and meeting you from DAY ONE. The moment we met we clicked so well..talked so much and laughed so much. NON STOP. SERIOUSLY. Nothing can beat the way it did with our friendship. JUST SO MIRACULOUS. We met even tho we were so far apart. Coming to singapore was the best decision you ever made. I never regret NOT ONE DAY knowing you. Having to know a friend like you all the way from Columbia was the greatest thing in 2012...and more to come when i visit u in July. I simply cant imagine my dear.

THREE of us. Walking the streets of Bogota in our best outfits and looking divalicious. LOL. HOW COOL CAN IT GET!!!! I think about it everyday every time i watch ur blog. All of us wearing ADR's fur jackets and taken a million photos. jejejeje. Philipe will knw what that means. :))) You guys making it a comeback just made it even more perfect.

And BABY You have a mother who loves you so much cos she too know hw precious and cool you are as her kid. SHE LOVES SO DEEP.

You are gonna have A BLAST TIME in PARISSSSSS..i can bet that. I will tell every single place that you need to visit. Ive been there a few times so I kinda got bored of the same places. Its just boring when its for business and not for pleasure if you know what i mean. ASK ME N I SHALL GIVE YOU ALL THE ADDRESSES. I promise and cross my heart. And you know its only APPLICABLE TO YOU. JAJAJJA and your baby nerd OF COS. I cant say enough how much you two mean to me.

November may sounds like YEARS AWAY..but once ure bz in sch..times flies...n before you know it...."Bye melissssa....Im flying off tonite to PArreeeeeeee!!!!!" I will be sitting here thinking...OMG my Juan's gonna talk abt PARIS non stop" jejejejejejejej

I am so glad I had created blog for you so we could be closer even thru internet. *BIG SMILES*

HAVE A GOOD REST IN THE WEEKENDS TOO. Knw its 1st week of school. Everything sucks other than CELINE bag. Knw that bag n givenchy n hermes are gonna brighten your day alot more. Everything else the people din matter anymore...cos u hav all these beautiful pieces to make ur day PERFECT. :)))

YES Celine is the best shit. WE ALL ARE ADDICTED. A wardrobe of Celine is wat we three need. LOL.
We have the best same taste. Always. In the way we talk, we shop, we laugh, we smile, we pose, we laugh at people, we EVERYTHING. MUACKS!!!!!

REPLY TO UR SPANISH: You are just as beautiful Sebastian. The best friend I ever have in this entire life. SERIOUSLY.

TE QUIERO SIEMPRE Y PARA SIEMPRE !!!!! <3 x 100000000000000 million billion timesssssss

Jessica dijo...

omg lovely gifts! the hermes cuff is to die for!

Violet E. dijo...

awesome <3

konshonchloe dijo...

wow genial la sudadera la quierooooooo
estan geniales tus regalos

lachicadelcuarto dijo...

oh dios mío. no sé quien eres, ni de dónde eres, sólo sé que me acabo de enamorar de tu nuevo celine. y la pulsera de hermes...yo también quiero unos reyes magos así. XXXX

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