martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Boring conversations

Kidding me I want ALL them, fuck celine
We all need a Hermes and YSL accesories
Reachel :D
Hermes bracelet

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Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Rachel zoe's an amazing designer if u hav seen her collections bby.

CHECK OUT THOSE CLOUDS!! those look like paintings to me BOY. Look nothing like the clouds here in Singapore. lol. SO EFFING BLUE!!

Oh my u hav to remind me abt celine again. SHITS. i need another one too. NOT ENOUGH. Damn.

2nd & 5th, SUPERB! Whoever took these, tell him/her WELL DONE. Model's great we all knw..but photographer's jus as GOOD. *thumbs up~!!

Its Wednesday here. Hope urs was great & BIG SMILES.

WOLF359 dijo...

Denim on black, just the perfect combination!

adireg dijo...

love your style

Violet E. dijo...

you`re amazing!
i love you so much <3

Jorinde dijo...

I love your darkness

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