martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011


Im wearing

-Vintage levi's jacket-

-Topman sweater-

-Levi's jeans-

-Prada shoes-

-Hermes betl- The perfect fantastic girl from LOVE AESTHETICS blog :D ( to be honest I die for her)
This girl is just a dream omg love all about her. one of those girls that I say : If I could be a girl I could be just like her. gay comment :D but sorry I just die

Please that face like ?? what happen?. the necklace, her pose, and that clothes

this hair JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, no way i always love sweat hairs are like the best
wish have white hair color like everydays. she's like :o beyond words

4 comentarios:

BETABOOMblog dijo...

me encantan tus looks! y esa chica es UNA DIOSA!! LOVE SHE!!



Violet E. dijo...

i love you my dear!
love u so much


great style, love your shoes.. and i love LOVE AESTHETICS too, her styles so amazing.


Melissa Tchieu dijo...

that girl from love aesthetics VERY COOL. have to agreee with you on that hair. Gorgeous look on her. Very edgy with her own personal style.
Im happy for ur cousin who's having a BABY too :) The whole family must be super joyous during the gathering.

Weather's looking better now. Some sunlight is good for u. U always know hw to be creative with ur wardrobe. I always have to say it.

The weekends are nearing again..have a FABULOUS weekend bby <3 love you very much.

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