domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Let's Greay

that day was in 11 AM so dark day. ( I love days like that because i can wear many things, but for nice photos is complicated to be honest)
More than colder Im wearing

-Vintage vest-

-Levi's jeans-

-Levi's vintage jacket-

-Comme des garcon bag-


Die and die. 87687 watches

This man is unreal. 1: two Hermes bracelets, metalic one anc black one.

2: Proenza schouler pants

3: Celine bag JESUS

6 comentarios:


love your vest!


Jairo Rguez. dijo...

This vest is GORGEOUS. I love all the look ;)

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Thats an interesting combination darling.
Love those graffiti on the seeing more of ur city now :) Great to see how u mix & match the vest and still look so good.

OMLORD..that guy with those hermes bracelets..WTF.
I need to marry him LOL. Oh that pic with the girls from THE WITCHCRAFT movie rite? I love it too. Those days they had better shows i felt..

I will be posting soon I hope. been too busy with work. Just know that uve been missed :) KISSES x 1000000

Someone's birthday's coming sooon...Whats his birthday wish? Hmmm..

Erika dijo...

beautiful outfit! I love it!!
I follow u, follow me please


My Free Choice

There is Fornarina fabolous leg jeans Giveaway on my blog I wait u!

Violetta E. dijo...

absolutely amazing!

Belle Armed dijo...

you're just to fuckin hot for words


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