lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Staying alive

bad quality sorry

Now im wear my sunglasses all day
Im wearing

-Vintage jacket-

-Topman shirt-

-Vintage pants-

-Vintages shoes-

-Hermes belt-

Let me think

Inspiration girls

Those bigger pants and that alexander wang glasses to DIE + plastic shoes :o + rings+ fur jacket= perfection girl

my best girl on all my life started a blog few days ago so check it out you gonna love her blog. Is this one ISSATCHIUE ( love you bby and miss you )

4 comentarios:

I V Y dijo...

you are too cool.

xo zebra and meerkat

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Love you too much. Bleeding. This guy's an amazing person with a golden heart. Love that Hermes belt!!!!!!!! <3!!!! I'm happy that I can comment all ur looks here too :)

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Missss you sooooo very much

Strawberry Freckleface dijo...

Great freaking inspiration. Reminds me of a cross between The Exorcist and The Matrix. + even more awesomeness.
strawberry freckleface

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