jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Human Types

Human pieces out

Im wearing

- Vintage leather jacket-

-Vintage shirt-

-Ardent t shirt-

-Levi's jeans-

-Dr martens boots-

-Bag from me-

No way
Love them so much!!

Ohh you youuuuu make me fly
Oh miss my ring so much ( my ring is on USA becouse there is no shipping for this stupid country so I need that my cousin send to me real soon :(

5 comentarios:

hotel MariaCarla dijo...

Me gusta muchisimo tu bolso

Scarlett Joy Walker dijo...

thats bag is a big gem, nice outfit~~

Anónimo dijo...

loving the bag!!

Kill Concept dijo...

Great look dude

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

That bag is a killer!! U can sell it for hundreds.

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