jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Rad By rad Hourani ( my god of the world)

the best on my life he's my favorite designer ever!!! ( I'm hope soon wear those heels and he's clothes )

Rad team
Can I dead more and more with all. there are noting that I don't wear about rad!!!!

2011 ss

I made a mix with my favorite pices on rad web site :) ( something that I´ll wearing now )

You need to wact this video ( what I'm loveB/W videos and photos )

( photos via 160 magazine, Rad by Rad hourani store,Bunny Bisous,J&J blog)
if you wanna visit him web site RADBYRADHOURANI

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

rad rad rad!!!

Violetta E. dijo...

so so so lovely!!!

Shane Bailey dijo...

another genius of geometric shapes and deconstruction! Followed and hope you'd follow back:)


wenny3kiwi dijo...

rad<3 all are very stunning !!!!!

Beckerman Girls dijo...

you know Rad is CANADIAN!!! haha like your girls!!!
FABBBBB pics and you would look RADDDDD and SEXY in all those clothes!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


alecherdz dijo...

At first I must confess I was a little bit shocked since I've never seen a guy wearing heels, but then I realized is not that bad haha.
I mean I would not do it personally but I think it's great to do some styling at editorials it looks very dramatic and androginous... Love him, one of my favourites aswell

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