miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Best of pre-fall and FW 2011 ( Kp my friend) the row, MMM, Neil Barrett

My little friend Konrad, how can I tell about this? PERFECT clothes, the hairs, the pants for new mens, it's so amazing, the present of medieval years, this is remember me the best of Joan of arc, if you can see this is to soldier armor as inside. a dream don't you love it, ( if you wanna know more about Konrad find it at FACEBOOK as konrad Parol)

The pants are the best here, the boots make the outfit. but the fur pices don't let me talk about it

As always MKA, show us the best of them, just look at those jackets with the best mix how's the black and white pices, love that clasic white shirts, of course under pants :)

what about MMM? it's hard to explain, just too gorgeous, the hair as a furs long pants and long skirt.
(photos via thefashionisto.com and style.com)

5 comentarios:

Violetta E. dijo...

mmm ♡


wow! love konrad parol


Shane Bailey dijo...

you would look super in one of those Neil Barrett scuba pants! I won't --!

Lee Oliveira dijo...

You have picked amazing designers and great outfits.
I am very much obsessed w Neil's AW..
Lee x

Fabliha dijo...

I love these designers... you have great taste...


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