sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

masaya kushino+ heels heels+

those horns to die
and the gold details

black feathers. I loveeeeeee feathers

the pony tail and claws make this more that a dream

what about white boots.

wood+ hair hair

(photos via masayakushino)
If you wanna see more about these amazing shoes. masaya kushino

7 comentarios:

Ivania dijo...

these are pretty insane!!
I love the use of unconvetional material

Violetta E. dijo...

beauuuuuutiful ^^

Hannie dijo...

Crazy ones, but I love them all! I just can´t imagne to go out in such strange shoes :D
xoxo from Hannie

Rosa&Carlotta dijo...

These shoes are so strange hehe very creative though :D

check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

Amandamarie dijo...

crazy amazing shoes!

the first pair has got to be my favorite


Chip dijo...


Amy T dijo...

amazing shoes

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