miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013


Wearing: Jil Sander coat, Comme des garçons shirt, Celine clutch and Prada shoes

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inkarlcerating dijo...

my my quite a lovely outfit.... yer doing great., love yer taste , babe! hugs

Issa Tchieu dijo...

WOW this coat is SICK and I KNEW U WERE GOING TO GET THOSE PRADAS!!!!! I just knew it!!! LOL. AWESOME ANGEL. U make perfect shots everywhere you go.
IM BACK!!Hope you're doing great and good luck with the collier. I too wanted the nose ring but then I cant do much with it if i bought that lol. anyways, LOVE THAT U LOVE ALL THAT I LOVE TOO. TE AMO!!!!

miss u much!!!!

Tallia dijo...

I love the touch of the yellow color!


Issa Tchieu dijo...

Good to hear from you again. Its chinese new year here. thats why im MIA-ing in MSN. lol. How is my prada boy doing so far this week? Hang in there..weekends are here soon. Ur mom is adorable! TELL HER SHE ROCKS. :P Miss u and mom! Say hi back. Let me know when u receive parcel k. Its ok to not post about it. Its our LITTLE SECRET OF FRIENDSHIP :))) Up to u really.

Its the day to LOVEEEEEEE..HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ur mom, ur cousins, EVERYONE who deserves to be LOVED. Enjoy ur day!!!

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