sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Fashion week

All images from style.com streetfsn.com vouge.com

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kcomekarolina dijo...

cool pics!

xoxo from rome

Issa Tchieu dijo...

This is way better than reading STYLE.com. LOL ur version of streetshots.. I think Ulyana Sergeenko is really a true beauty and designer. And of cos ur favorite ADR. jejeje.
I wan those nostril ring from Givenchy too. ALL MY FAVORITES you have put them together in this perfect blog for me. I dont need to go anywhere else now. heheheh. jus stare at ur blog. JAJJAAAA..
Have a good weekend dear. Talk soon :)

Issa Tchieu dijo...

and those Givenchy column boots! O M G. Isnt it gorgeous.

Violet E. dijo...

great photos <3

John Clark dijo...

Leather Jackets
Amazing outfit the dress is so beautiful and the loafers...fabulous!

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