jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

Icon blogger (hilda sandström)

All imagenes from Her blog

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Anónimo dijo...

Stunning, all


Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Hilda's edgy and unique in her own ways.
Great post hun. You inspired me much more with ur every single post.

I have always enjoyed our friendship since day 1.
You'lll always have my support in all that you do in life.
Love sharing my days with u too. Thanks for your comments too. Say hi to mummy too!

Have a great week ahead...looking for the days to come in Singapore.


melissa dijo...

I love her as well. My first time in your blog. Check out mine and follow if you like it.

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Oh yea ure right even u can't see my own blog!! F!! I'm trying to fix it dear! Argggghhh

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Check & see if u can view my new post. Cant figure out why my old posts can't be seen. :( sucks

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Its been a few crazy days for me. I had to reload all those posts again. I died many times :( if u go see my older posts, it wun work. I'm really hating blogspot. Arghhhhhh sorry lol. I'm goin nuts. Sweetie u really make me so haooy when u said u check my blog so often. BIG HUGS!!

kcomekarolina dijo...

your blog is so cool! i love this post!

xoxo from rome

Violet E. dijo...

she`s just awesome <3

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