miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Coco Island

I'm back from vacations. relaxing time is over.

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inkarlcerating dijo...

where u at? so lucky!

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

sorry dearie internet went down on me.

This island is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Anywhere with blue waters, i want to be near it. OMG, look at those blue waterss!!!!!!!!!! Crystal clear and breathtaking :O

As always, u look so handsome in that Celine shirt. Nice looks in this post. Smoldering looks...:P
Did ur mum take them? That will be incredible if it was.

Good to be on vacations after being swarmed by projects and deadlines isnt it!
Glad that you had some time away from school. You deserve it.

I SAW UR NECKLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!
I tot it was classy nothing too elaborate. Im happy you wore it for this trip. :D wide grins Thank u for appreciating my gift.

issatchieu aka ur bff


especially loving the first (all black) outfit. these pictures make me want clear blue sea, a beach & a lot of degrees so much. i'm officially very jealous now

Charleston dijo...

a gothic seaside touch is totally up my street, love it


Clara Turbay dijo...

Unmistakable style, classy and sophistication with a cool and youthful touch.

t dijo...

I like all the outfits!


Fabliha dijo...

OMG your tshirt is amazing and that place looks like absolute paradise! :)

Violet E. dijo...

awwwesome <3

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