viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

Style Icon (Vivian Volpicella)

A fashion editor from Vouge Nippon! Since months ago I start loveing this girl. About her many prints or her many colours.In fact because she loves and she's a Celine addict as me lol, also I can see she always smille. which that means a lot to me, funny and happy people are too good :) ( I die about her also, because she always is with someone. actually with some girls that I love too, Like Elisa and Anna. For sure I like her clothes too. I could wear that too everyday next to her and smiling. :D enjoy it

So enjoy these videos! about Vouge Nippon ( I can't find any with her :( but still great )
Love many people there.

I loved mine little ugly Emmanuel face, of course Anna too.
As I love uncomfortables videos so check the next part. Ilove when they "touch" the clothes like ?? I have to?

Anna and Emmanuel killed me shit They need to be with me lol I could be in prada store everyday. you have to, you'll be feel in other planet or life. (But I still preferring Celine's stores for EVERY)
(photos via ElenaBraghieri)

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LeNerd dijo...
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Fabliha dijo...

she is so stunning :)

Melissa Tchieu dijo...


U are loving all the prints aint you? :P
Me too. This season EVERYONE is freaking into prints/florals/patterns. Clashing/Mixing. Fashion never stops.. it evolves n revolves...year in year out. So nice to be hanging out with a bunch of friends in printed everything. :D

Its no wonder everyone wants a piece of FASHION. Never get tired.

Hope ur weekend's been good :)
Havent heard from you for awhile. All things' good in school yea? I pray for less riots & rain so that you can enjoy ur day smoothly.

Im planning a summer fashion course in Paris..if only we could meet ther will be so great.

CHEERIOS, with love frm singapore

Beckerman Girls dijo...

The streetstyle is sOOOOOO fierece and love all the colors and prints esp that Stella McCartney lemon/lime/orange print still gets me!!! And that last pic with the Celine shopping bag is totally fierce!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Francesca dijo...

this is such inspiration xx

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Where have u been my love? U must be on a spring break somewhere :) Drop me a text when ure back ;)
miss u lots

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