lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Street style ( new magazines and shirt)

I chose my favorite photos of JAPAN street style. which are the best photos :) and best people

That man :o . oh that girl. jesus those cow pants will be perfet with my fat weight. I just DIE
she's just SHIT. I have no words for her. why she still alive? a nightgown? ohh YEAH I want kiss her all time. the reason why I wear bigger high pants :D are so AWESOME.
this ALIEN girl. the second photo is because of the first "punk" man. he's so dirty I just like that :)
Yellow mix with that perfect ugly skirt and under high jeans. the 2 man is just :D bigger ugly pants you know
I never write about "mans" because is so stupid pathetic. but i always LOVE that asian man, and with those Prada shoes make me KILL him. the 2 :) just love the all look. I think that's why I can't stop get high pants everyday Oh the best fuck high bigger pants :D watching that makes me tired. It's just like ? ??? those colours pants are for wear EVERYSINGLEDAY
Im sorry but I have to changed that
New magazines( thanks mom I have something new to read)
My kateeeeeeeeeeeee :) I love, she chose the best givenchy items
My new Michael Kors shirt. Isn't the best color?
Thanks you MOM :)
this video is the MOST shit about south park serie. Im sorry is no in english. but I have to put this here to share with you guys. don't care about spanish language. just that laugh. I have to say I feel the fuking same for littlepeople JESUS lol

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Severine dijo...

Awesome, that girl with the long blond hair and bangs and the chick with the funky pigtails and red shoes..seriously awesome, where are the pictures from ? A magazine ? Love it, really inspiring.

Victoria ♥ dijo...

wah nice post! let me know if you want that we follow each other on blogger, facebook, bloglovin or another thing =)

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Bby do u read FRUITS magazine? I used to collect them ALOT. Japanese has the most quirky ideas when it comes to street fashion. Boys & Girls are just as good. Dont you think? I kept laughing when u kept saying u buy so many of those BAGGGY pants. lol. Ure incredible each time u blog about something. I enjoyed so much. :) Love you.

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

And forgot about the Michael Kors! That is some kick asss shirt!! <3 <3 <3 jejejeje

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy this day with your loved ones wherever you are.
I wish im there with you to make ur day even memorable :))))
Will be in columbia with ur present jaja. as i promised.

URE MY BEST FRIEND I EVER HAD. U will be blessed with many good things ahead of you.

Violet E. dijo...


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