miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Golden Balls

Sorry for the bad photos here the weather is so grey then is really hard to get nice photos.
Im so happy now, I had a new friend in my cogelle, she's so CUTE funny, she's a color girl, she's fat like a dream, she wears shorts here omg she hates everyone. I laugh so much with her, and she took these photos.

About YSL
Next to them

My nude socks with pradas

Hello sexys
Elevator balls
Today I brought my little hantaro rat, that I bought on Honk Kong, people was like he's so disgusting kid, So I do remember Im so EMO ladyboy jeje.(I gave one like that to me gorgeous singaporean lady Melissa remember baby? how much I love u)
Im wearing

-Vintage jacket-

-Vintage shirt-

-Levi's pants-

-Alexander wang bag-

-Prada shoes-

-YSL ring-

I'm just counting the weeks to done school, just 4 weeks THANKS

4 comentarios:

klemen dijo...

uau. I love 9th photo. May I use it and publish it on my blog: www.podezju.blogspot.com?

Melissa Tchieu dijo...

Ur college friend is GOOOD at taking you my deareest. VERY INTERESTING ANGLES, i love it more!!!! Shud get her to take more of u next time. She's got good perspective thru the lens. Say hi to her for me too :D
The best one was the close up of that PRADA shoes..SUPERB SHOT!

That RAT of cos, I have it with me still :D I always remember it and knw tht u are in love with RATS. Smiles...

I love this POST very much if you ask me. Just 4 more weeks to go....hang in there model!!

Have a great weekend my lovable juan!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Love your new purchases. Def jealous that you got the Prada creepers and the MMM bracelet. You have great taste and I am hoping to follow your blog more often. xx

Lina dijo...

Great style!!!


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