jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

Glommy Be

Rain day
My hermes :) ohh im love it

Jail with that thing

Im wearing

-Vintage jacket-

-Topman sweater-

-Vintage pants-

-Hermes belt-

-Topman shoes-

-Luxo bag-

In my bag= Melissa's notebook-sunglasses-Calvin Klein wallet-
News for me :D even in can't believe right now. Im still on WTF? My mom bought to me my dream PRADA SHOES omg im like ? it's real mom. We need to call Prada USA to ask if they have the Prada SS 2011, because there are so OUT SALE. they said we have 3 pairs on New York. :D YES finally i`ll be use them. im hope they coming real soon. die to wear those perfects shoes. My mom :)Im love her as always. she only wants to see me happy. Funny thing is when you think you'll be happy with a one designer clothes is no the thing how you waiting for. im think this is like an sick obessesion when you use as the first time you wanna MORE AND MORE. of course you change, as devil wears prada says, you changed when you wore those Jimmy choo shoes XD. well so true I do. btw i'll be show you when i got them bye love you guys!

(Anther thing, im gonna stop post looks on Lookbook, because! is so boring now and there is a lot of lost ugly people and stupid outfits, as the same time all there looks like the same wear, hair cutes what ever, just be using lookbook to see my friends looks and people that real amazed me)

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Oliver Anton, 15 år, Oliver8king@gmail.com dijo...

You're such a lucky bastard!:(
I'm so jealous I've been wanted these shoes ever since I saw them, for the first time!
I love this outfit, it's just perfect, the bag is amazing!
I can't wait to see you rock the Prada shoes!

Oliver :-)

Oliver Anton, 15 år, Oliver8king@gmail.com dijo...

P.S do you have a link for where to buy the bag?

Anónimo dijo...


JASPER dijo...

amazing & sophisticated as always!

Violetta E. dijo...

you`re amazing, my dear

Belle Armed dijo...

You look so good in that outfit. I love it


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