viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Get inspiration from Poland by Asia Wysoczynska

This is my favorite!! looks for a menswear ( I love this kind of skirt, I'm wanna wearing)
I love the details on the legs, how are the socks and those boots are to die

Just the photos talking by 'em selfs, the Imagination about nude shirts fuck of

shoes+ minimalist nude dress= perfect second skin

Well Asia just make this video, is amazing you need to see it.

these are the imagenes of the video HERE

You can buy or check him web store on HERE
Believe there are a lot good fashion designers!! just take a time to visit that pages!!

( thanks for the persons that sent me a mails about my jacket :) so so much I'm just want make my blog a good place for my followers)

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alessandra nitti dijo...

i LOVE your blog!
xoxo, wonderfashionista

Violetta E. dijo...

so lovely!

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