viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

I think we're alone..

+Acid jacktet denim+
+Basic Tee+
+Levis jean+
+ Dr martens+

I want to share this music video whit you guys, I enjoy to see this girl :) she's too amazing I love her clotes and her bigger jacktes, don't you? (I really like tiffany)

So, Its was a really fun week, becouse I'm realixing all days, and sleeping like a old rat, all days. I was on shopping too, I bought some clothes, But I need to say that I'm in love whit one of them, I get another leather jacket, is more that amazing. I'm put an millon jewelry on the sleeves, really it's looks GORGEOUS, I'm working on this everyday to finalize and wear this the soon as posible, I bought a new boots I love :) , Rock t-shirts too, Bigger black cardigan by Topman . A gray sweatpant like a indigo I love ittttt. My mom bought me an gorgeous rings and she gave me a mini black I pod, (I hope I not lost it) Well this all that happened on these days.

Have a nice day

3 comentarios:

Amy T dijo...

jacket is amazing. although its too cold to wear jean jackets now!

Violetta E. dijo...

Fantastic post!

Beckerman Girls dijo...

That acid denim jacket is SICKKKKKKKKKKK! I'm in LOVE! GA GA GOOO GOO!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

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