sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

like a firecross

Yesterday I was to see some videos that I love it and I just wanna share whit you, a perfect video of MADONA, is amazing to see her on black, Actually I love the video 'cause the topic is all about religion and black style, Love the cross necklace, her curly black hair so 40's . I love the black drees do you see it? and what a perfect contrast whit the red lipstick!! and totally love the firecross behing her, Love the dramatic faces, the scenes on the chur are really awesome, you can see the dark desing, Love that you never see a black "spiritual religion men" Love the concept that whatever religion that you believe you never see the opposite things on the religion.
A black lover men that gonna be a religious guy, and she loves him but is a enternal love. Love love love this video if you wanna see it to remember good times and have a nice video really

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Phillipe LeNerd dijo...
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KC dijo...

i love this video.. it has a nice story. very original.


Violetta E. dijo...

i like this

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